10 Ways to Hang your Collage Kit

10 Ways to Hang your Collage Kit

- Rip Technologies LLC

Collage kits are a staple product of ours and have the ability to bring any and all spaces to the next level. As the kits have limitless possibilities, it can be challenging to decide how you want to display your prints. Below are some ideas for how to hang and showcase the images from our kits in your space.

One last thing! Before you hang your wall art, be sure to roughly plan ahead of time which photos you want next to each other - this will save time and potential stress.

1. Mounting Putty 

Scared that your paint will come off when you hang prints? Mounting putty to the rescue! Putty is the perfect solution to harsh alternatives as it can easily be removed from both the object and the surface you’re using. Putty also remains sticky over time and does not dry out, unlike tape. Therefore, you can reuse your putty if you choose to incorporate different images from other collage kits overtime. 

You can purchase putty here.


2. String or Fairy Lights

Using string or fairy lights is a creative way to hang your collage kit. Simply hang the string or lights, attach the photos with a clothespin, and voila! You can even purchase different colored clothespins to match the vibe of the art. If you opt for fairy lights, the lights will bring even more attention to the photos and further elevate your room! This may be slightly difficult to do alone, so feel free to ask a friend or family member for help.


You can find fairy lights here.


3. Velcro Mounting Tape 

Velcro mounting tape is a great alternative to nails and other damaging materials. It’s easy to apply and remove, comes at a low price, and is practical and reusable. What more could you ask for? Not only does velcro mounting tape work well for our collage kits, but it also comes in handy when hanging our other products.


Buy your own velcro mounting tape here


4. Cork Board

Cork boards serve as a solid foundation for displaying the photos in our collage kits. They act as one big picture frame that displays many different images. Depending on your preference, you can buy a simple cork board with a basic rim, or you can purchase a framed cork board with a wood finish. Cork boards are very versatile and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. 


Take a look at cork boards here


5. Poster board

Putting photos on a poster board instead of directly on the wall is another option for hanging your collage kit. Simply glue or tape the photos onto the poster board, and utilize a method mentioned above when hanging up the poster board. This is an especially helpful option for those who plan to move into a new space in the near future. Instead of taking each photo down from the wall, they can simply remove the poster board and hang it up in their new space with ease.


You can find a poster board here.


6. Wire Wall Grid

Wire wall grids are a stylish and inventive way to showcase your collage kit. A wire grid is an excellent option as you can easily change out your prints and experiment to see what looks the best. These grids look especially nice above a desk or bed.

 A similar wall grid can be found here


7. Use Your Furniture

Leaning photos against furniture may not be the most advanced interior design tip, but it gets the job done! If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to display your wall art, simply find a bookshelf, desk, or any other piece of furniture to lean your collage photos up against. With no adhesive required, you can easily switch out photos.


8. Office Clips

Another inventive way to hang your wall art is by utilizing office clips. If you happen to have extra office clips laying around, why not put them to use? Upon adhering office clips to the wall, you can clip in whichever photos you choose and change them out without hassle.


You can purchase office clips here


9. Washi Tape


Washi tape is not only adorable, but also an extremely effective, inexpensive, and safe way to hang your wall art! Washi tape comes in many different prints and is a great way to let your personality shine in your space. You can use one strip of Washi tape at the top of a picture to hang it, or you can design your own frame around a photo!


Buy your own Washi Tape here


10. Poster Tape


Last but not least, you can use old fashioned poster tape. Poster tape is safe to use on walls and is unlikely to cause damage. However, it is important to do your research and make sure that your walls are stable. Poster tape is easy to apply and is one of the most typical ways to attach photos to the wall. It can be tricky to align each photo, but don’t get discouraged!


You can find poster tape here


We hope these tips were helpful for you and that you enjoy experimenting with your collage kit. Let us know what you end up trying & how it goes!