10 Great Ideas to Create a Gallery Wall

10 Great Ideas to Create a Gallery Wall

- Eva Aguspina
A carefully crafted gallery wall can immediately spruce up even the most modestly styled spaces. Be it in your office, living room, dining area, or just a plain empty wall, gallery walls bring out a major dose of life and personality. 
Now another dilemma comes in styling your own gallery wall. We all know that hanging a single art print is already confusing enough. Now imagine hanging more art prints and curating them to create a gallery wall. Scary, huh? Fear no more because, in this article, we will list a few themes and ideas that will inspire and help you to create your very own version of a gallery wall.
We rounded up a guide to making the perfect gallery wall for every space and style that is sure to inspire.

1. Black and White 

If you're looking to create a gallery wall that's super-modern and clean, opt for black and white themed art prints. Sticking to a black and white palette helps keep your wall stand out without worrying it'll look too busy or messy. Decorate your wall with a mix of photographs, graphic art, and illustrations in beautiful greyscales. You know what they say, you can never go wrong with this classic color combination.

2. Tropical Coastal Vibes

Inspired by our love for California beaches, our collection of tropical coastal prints are the perfect prints for your beach-inspired gallery wall. There are no set of rules when it comes to creating a tropical gallery wall, the composition just needs to look curated and feel right. A coastal gallery wall gives you a chance to create a statement about what you love and what you are passionate about. Play around with the frames by using a wooden finish instead of the usual black or white frames to add more beach vibe style to your gallery wall.

3. Trending Botanicals

Deeply inspired by the calm and relaxing feeling plants give us, our collection is made for plant lovers of all ages. Certain corners in your home just call for a well-composed gallery wall and creating a beautiful display of plant artwork is the perfect way to make a personal statement in your space. Mix and match different plants, herbs, or succulent art as you please.

4. Wanderlust Dream

The best feeling is finally visiting a country you used to just dream about. Our travel art print collection is inspired by our love for discovering new places and cultures around the world. A cohesive gallery wall display of places you’ve been or dream of traveling soon will definitely tell a story on its own. You can line your workspace, bedroom, or living room with a series of city prints and photographs that will surely create an all-encompassing wanderlust dream wall.

5. Floral and Line Art

Floral prints have been around since forever. They’re timeless and classic and are perfect for a verdant gallery wall. Our collection consists of botanical posters and prints of flowers, leaves, plants, and other designs from the plant kingdom. Pair it with a modern style line art for the ultimate combination and this will give your space a fresh flair.

6. Watercolor Art and Typography

Bring out your chic and feminine side with our watercolor art inspired by beautiful, luxury designer things a girl could only dream of. To complete your Scandi-chic living space, use our monochromatic minimal typography prints to compliment the lilac and blush tones of the artwork. Art prints with inspiring words will surely add motivation and class to your gallery wall. To add a fun touch, you can play around with the sizes and arrangement of the frames.

7. Color Coordination 

If you are short of ideas, organize your gallery wall by theme or motif. Consider this as an easy way to create an overall cohesiveness of the design layout sans having to overanalyze the art placement. You can choose to display them by color or aesthetics. We got a wide range of colorful art that will complement the extensive feel of the decor in your space. Our art illustrations will add a personal touch and a feeling of authenticity in one's room, giving it an equally clear yet colorful design scheme.

8. Kitchen Essentials

Introduce your kitchen with our fun digital art prints inspired by our love for coffee, cocktails, and more. Our collection of kitchen art prints can be plastered individually but will look over the top when put together as a gallery wall! Add a personal touch by choosing other prints to include in your mini kitchen gallery wall. Don't be afraid to have fun, it's your kitchen after all.

9. Desert Hues 

Are you into beige and desert hues? Our collection is made of every person’s desert dreams with photo art featuring the beautiful desert and magnificent nature surrounding it. This will surely make your space feel calm and warm. Complement it with similar art tones and hues to complete your gallery wall.

10. Pop Art Love

Our pop art prints are inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and our love for all things colorful. Having a gallery wall filled with fun and colorful design will solidly give your room an amusing and inviting twist! Mix and match our different collections to give a lasting impact on anyone who will see it.