10 Ways to Hang Your Collage Kit

10 Ways to Hang Your Collage Kit

- Eva Aguspina

Hanging prints can be tedious… Now imagine hanging over 50 prints in one corner. Challenging, isn't it? If you have no idea how to hang Haus and Hues collage kits in your space, take a look below for some inspiration to choose from.

 Here are some tips and tricks to help you hang your collage kits in a jiffy!

1. Use poster putty.

We highly recommend using putty when mounting posters or prints made with durable materials. Our Collage Kits are perfect for this because they are made of 14 point semi-gloss paper that has the right thickness. Poster putty is great for temporary mounting of prints and is a much safer and cleaner alternative to hanging your prints without damaging the surface of your wall. You wont need to worry about long term effects because unlike tapes, putty will not dry out.

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2.  Double-sided removable tape/poster tape

Some people may not be aware of this but there are products specifically designed to mount posters without damaging both the poster and the surface you will mount it on. Just make sure to use the correct type of tape and to clean the surface before attaching. Picking the wrong type of poster tape can badly damage your poster or wall.

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3. Magic Tape

Another option to consider if you can't find double-sided tape is magic tape. Compared to regular tape, magic tape is not as sticky and will easily detach from your prints when you try to remove it even after months of use. Magic tape is virtually invisible on most smooth surfaces and gives a much cleaner look.

You can get your own magic tape here.


4. Thumb tacks

Thumb tacks are best used for cork boards and rough/unfinished wood surfaces. If you don't want to poke a hole through your prints, use them just outside the edge of the paper but still close enough so the tack heads can still support and hold the poster against the surface.

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5. Velcro mounting strips

Another easy way to mount your prints is by using velcro mounting strips. This is an ideal way of hanging your wall art if you don't want to add any extra holes to your rented space. It is cheap, easy to use, and mighty strong. You can never go wrong with this one.  


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6. Bulldog clips

Although it's not as simple as tapes and putty, bulldog clips are very flexible and durable. It also adds style and personality to your entire space. To avoid mistakes, first, attach the bulldog clips to your prints and then apply double-sided tape to secure them to the wall. You can choose any color of bulldog clips to match your aesthetic. 


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7. Use Magnets

Magnets are a great and simple way to hang your lightweight prints and posters. Making use of small magnets like Magnetack or Neodymium disc magnets can give your wall art gallery a clean, minimal look without the bulkiness of any frames or wood. These magnets may be tiny but they have a very strong hold and you can easily swap your prints without fear of damaging them with scotch tapes or glue. You can literally buy them at the nearest hardware or dollar store but you can also get them online.

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8. String them up

A fun way to hang your prints is by using a string or wire and a laundry clip to hang them. This might take a little while to do on your own, so if you can ask your friends or family to help you out, it would be a fun DIY activity for you guys. Use a peg or nail and attach them to the wall. Tie the string at both ends of the nail and let it hang low enough for your prints to hang. Use a laundry clip or scrapbook clip to hold the art prints up. If your prints are small, using one clip per print is enough but if you have bigger ones, use two clips to support both ends of the art print.


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9. Cork board

Cork boards come in different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a regular-sized corkboard or transform an entire area into a corkboard wall. Either way, just make sure you pick a 1/4" thick cork material so it would be thick enough to be able to hold things and be sturdy. Pins or thumbtacks won't stick through the flimsy cork so you have to keep this in mind. Choosing a corkboard is perfect for hanging wall art prints or even your kid's artwork.


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10. Wire Wall Grid


Add a modern twist to your space with this Pinterest famous wire wall grid. We honestly get all the rave about this aesthetically pleasing piece because it gives you a Scandinavian interior feel and at the same time it does a really great job of keeping your art prints in order. You can switch up the prints depending on your mood and get a chance to curate them anytime.


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