Decorating Ideas for your Ideal Kitchen

Decorating Ideas for your Ideal Kitchen

- Rip Technologies LLC

Looking for ways to spice up your kitchen? You’re in the right place! We know the importance of personalizing your space, and kitchens are often forgotten about when it comes to decorating. Keep reading for some unique ways to create and decorate your ideal kitchen.


1. Bring your bar cart to life

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Having a bar cart is an organized and creative way to let your personality shine through in your kitchen. They’re perfect for when you have friends over so you don’t have to search for everything you need! You can purchase bar carts in all different colors in order to match the aesthetic of your kitchen. Our Cocktail Chart is the perfect accessory to your bar cart. You can hang it above or next to your cart to further escalate the appearance and vibe of your kitchen. 

You can find our Cocktail Chart here.


2. Create a coffee nook

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Cocktails aren’t your thing? No problem! Instead, create a coffee nook. The typical coffee nook consists of one or two cozy chairs, a coffee table, a bookshelf, and a place to hold all of your coffee making supplies. Coffee nooks are the perfect place to get some work done or to lounge and relax either in the morning or at night. Our Coffee Chart and Coffee Mug wall art are the perfect pieces to showcase in your coffee nook! 

You can find our Coffee Chart here and our Coffee Mug art here.


3. Grow an herb garden

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Fresh herbs are the perfect way to bring a sense of life back into your kitchen. According to Martha Stewart, mint, rosemary, basil, oregano, chives, and parsley grow well on a windowsill. Not only will these herbs come in handy for cooking, but they are also a beautiful decoration. You can even hang our Herb Chart art above or next to your window for the full effect, as it lists different herbs. 

You can purchase our Herb Chart here


4. Utilize the space above your oven

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The space above your oven is a hidden gem when it comes to decorating. The oven is typically the focal point of a kitchen, and is an excellent place to showcase art. While many people simply have a backsplash, this is a great spot to decorate with wall art! Feel free to use velcro command strips or putty when hanging decor or wall art above your oven for a harmless application and removal.


5. Hang a motivational quote

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The kitchen is a special space for family and friends, and it is important to maintain a sense of unity and serenity in your household. Finding a wall to hang a motivational quote in your home is a great way to achieve this sense of serenity. As most of us go into our kitchens at least two or three times each day, this is the perfect place to hang said wall art. As a result, you and your family will see the motivational words each day to help get yourselves in a good headspace.

You can find motivational art here.

We hope these tips helped you! Feel free to share your favorite tips or let us know what you end up doing.