How to Hang Your Framed Art

How to Hang Your Framed Art

- Eva Aguspina

Thank you for shopping with Haus and Hues. We’re excited that our framed art prints are about to be proudly displayed in your haus! 

Now that you’ve received your framed art prints, you might be wondering how to hang them on your wall. In this guide, we will discuss how to arrange and hang your new framed art. 


Arranging your framed art:

According to Architectural Digestthere is a scientific method for hanging framed art. If you are hanging an individual framed art print, you want the center of the print to be 57" above the ground. If you are hanging a group of prints, you’ll want to apply this same principle to the framed art in the center of the group. 

Determining where to hang your frame: 

1. Measure your frame's height.

2. Divide that number by 2.

3. Add 57" to that number.

4. That number will be the distance from the floor to the top of the frame. Mark it on the wall in pencil. 



Before you begin hanging your frames on the wall, decide how you'd like to arrange them. Lay them out on the floor to get an idea of how they will look once you hang them up. Now that you know exactly how you're going to arrange them on the wall, you can start to hang them up.  


Hanging your framed art:

Grab a pencil and a tape measure. There are a few ways you can hang your framed art:

1. Adhesive frame hanging hooks. You can purchase Command Frame Hanging Hooks here

2. A nail and hammer. You can purchase a nail and hammer kit here

3. A picture hanging kit. You can purchase a kit here

At this point, you should have marked your wall where the top of the frame will go. Now, follow these steps to hang your frame.


Step 1: Measure the distance on your frame between the hanging hardware and the top of the frame 

Step 2: Make a new mark on your wall below your first mark to correspond with where the hanging hardware would go.

Step 3: Apply your nail or adhesive wall hanging strip to the new mark on the wall. 

Step 4: Your wall is now ready for your new hues. Hang and admire your framed art!