How to Hang your Haus and Hues Frames

How to Hang your Haus and Hues Frames

- Rip Technologies LLC

Hanging frames can be overwhelming, which is why we created this guide on how to easily hang your framed wall art. Whether you choose our sleek black frames or our neutral beige frames, they will elevate the look of any room and are perfect for displaying your art. Keep reading to learn how to hang your frames without causing any damage to your walls!


1. Use velcro command strips

Velcro command strips are a lifesaver when it comes to safely hanging frames. All you have to do is attach the strips to your frame and stick the frame to the wall! Command strips don’t distract from your wall art as they are hidden behind the frame. As stated by the Command brand, “say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls.”


You can purchase velcro command strips here.


2. Lean your frames against furniture

We have mentioned this before, but using your furniture is both an easy and inexpensive way to showcase your wall art. For example, you could lean your framed prints against a mantle, place them on a desk, or even showcase your prints on the floor! Our frames come in beige and black, two colors that can easily match any furniture. This method does not cause any damage to your walls and is not time consuming. 


3. Don’t underestimate hooks

Our frames can be hung vertically or horizontally due to hanging hardware on the back of the frames. As a result, adhesive hooks are a great alternative to nails and will not result in any damage to your walls. Hooks conveniently fit the hanging hardware placed on the back of our frames!


Find hooks here.


4. Use string

String is an inventive and creative way to display your framed wall art. You can hang string from pre-existing hooks, furniture, or even molding! Just make sure that the string you’re using is durable and can handle the weight of your frame. String also provides the opportunity to hang multiple frames next to each other. Experiment and have fun with the process!


Purchase string here.


5. Try a pegboard

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For those who aren’t aware, pegboards are pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes which are meant for pegs or hooks. These pegs or hooks can hold many different items, such as frames! You don’t have to worry about drilling a hole in the wall because pegboards have holes for you. As the boards have many holes, you can hang numerous frames if you want to.


You can find a pegboard here.


We hope this was helpful and that you now have ideas as to how to hang your framed wall art. Let us know what is your favorite way to hang framed wall art!