How to Hang your Unframed Prints

How to Hang your Unframed Prints

- Rip Technologies LLC

Looking for a creative way to hang your prints? You’re in the right place! If you don’t have a frame for your wall art, do not worry. We are here to show you some ways that you can creatively and safely display your art with no frame needed. In this guide you will find six inventive ways to showcase your prints in your space.


1. Don’t underestimate magnets 

Magnets are often overlooked, when in reality, they are an excellent option when hanging wall art! Magnets are an inexpensive and sleek way to hang your lightweight prints. Instead of using larger frames to showcase your art, magnets achieve a minimalistic feel and keep the focus on the art itself, rather than what is holding it up. Magnets can easily be found at your local hardware shop or online.

Shop for magnets here.


2. Experiment with washi tape

Washi tape does a great job at letting your personality shine in your space. Instead of using a formal frame, you can position the tape around your prints to act as a frame for a more casual feel. Washi tape comes in limitless colors and patterns so you can experiment to find a tape design that matches your prints. Washi tape is a great option for those who want to save money, but also achieve a casual and unique feel to their room.

You can buy Washi tape here.


3. Consider a cork board

Cork boards provide for a more casual way to showcase your prints. It’s very easy to replace images on a cork board, as you simply remove one image and put another in its place. People typically attach items to a cork board using tacks or pins, so be sure that you won’t mind a tiny hole being in your posters or prints.

Cork boards can be found here.


4. String up your prints

String is a simple, yet effective option when hanging your posters and prints. You can attach your prints to the string with clothespins, allowing for effortless attachment and removal. Another way to spice up your space is by purchasing different colored clothespins to match your prints. We also recommend fairy lights which are used the same way as string, but have lights on them to further highlight your art!

You can purchase string here.


4. Try a wire wall grid

Wanting to display your wall art above your desk? Try a wire wall grid! These modern grids look great above a desk as they have both a casual, yet professional feel. Wire grids are extremely convenient as you can switch out photos at any time depending on your mood or the aesthetic of your room.

A similar wire grid wall can be found here.


5. Invest in a velvet pinboard

Last but not least, velvet pinboards. Velvet pinboards are a step up from cork boards and elevate your space in a more chic and professional way. Perfect for one's office or bedroom, velvet pinboards provide a sense of serenity. Feel free to coordinate the color of your pinboard with your prints for the ultimate aesthetic.

You can find velvet pinboards here.

There are limitless ways to creatively hang your prints, we hope we introduced you to a few more!