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The Complete Guide to Hanging Your Wall Art Prints

December 06 2020 – Eva Aguspina

haus and hues

haus and hues

There’s no greater feeling than finally opening your package to see your wall art prints after a long wait. Now here comes a common dilemma for first-time wall art buyers... how the heck am I gonna hang these prints?

When it comes to decorating your space, choosing the best way to hang your art prints can be a little overwhelming. Between picking the type of frame, display styles, and other materials – there are just too many options and too little time. In this guide, we will show you over 20 different ways to hang your wall art print that will totally spark your creativity and get you inspired. From DIYs to buying the materials online, we will list it all for you. Now sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

1. When in doubt, use frames.

One of the most popular ways to display your wall art prints is by using frames. There are so many kinds of frames with different colors and materials to choose from- the possibilities are endless! With this option, you just have to know what style you are going for in your space. You could go minimal with a plain black frame or rustic-barn inspired with a wood frame finish. If you think your print is too small for the look you want, you can opt for a frame with mat to further enhance the artwork.
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2. Use an office clipboard.

A fun way to display your wall art prints is by using a bunch of clipboards you can buy at the school and office supplies store. You can start by using an old clipboard at home and use double-sided tape to secure them on the wall and viola - your own gallery wall is ready! This one is a great option if you want to keep switching your art prints to a different one every other week. It saves you the time and energy to remove everything and start over again.
You can also buy clipboards in packs on Amazon, click here.

3. Try the wire wall grid.

Add a modern twist to your space with this Pinterest famous, wire wall grid. We honestly get all the rave about this aesthetically pleasing piece because it gives you a Scandinavian interior feel at the same time it does a really great job in keeping your art prints in order. You can switch up the prints depending on your mood and get a chance to curate them anytime.
You can find a similar wire wall grid on Amazon, click here.

4. Use a corkboard.

Corkboards come in different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a regular-sized corkboard or transform an entire area into a corkboard wall. Either way, just make sure you pick a 1/4" thick cork material so it would be thick enough to be able to hold things and be sturdy. Pins or thumbtacks won't stick through the flimsy cork so you have to keep this in mind. Choosing a corkboard is perfect for putting out art wall prints or even your kid's artwork.

You can find a small corkboard on Amazon, click here.

5. Hook them with hangers.

Wooden hangers are another creative and affordable way to display your prints. These hangers are ideal for pants but would also look perfect for hanging art prints! This style is great for small-medium prints as the bottom part will not be attached to anything. Flatten your print as much as you can before clipping it to the hanger.
Wooden hangers are available on Amazon, click here.
6. Try using bulldog clips.
Bulldog clips are very flexible and durable. If you want to keep your gallery wall clean and minimal, use a bulldog clip to hold up your art prints. To avoid mistakes, first, attach the bulldog clips to your prints and then apply double-sided tape to secure them to the wallYou can choose any color of bulldog clips to match your aesthetic. 
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7. Frame them with cute washi tapes.

Washi tapes can be visually appealing if you want a casual and artistic aesthetic to your room. Frames can sometimes be bulky and pricey for some people and you can really save money if you give this option a try. Washi tapes are paint and paper friendly so you wouldn't have to worry about destroying your wall art prints. They are also available in almost any color and design imaginable. 
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8. String up your prints.

A fun way to hang your prints is by using a string or wire and a laundry clip to hang them. This might take a little while to do on your own, so if you can ask your friends or family to help you out, it would be a fun DIY activity for you guys. Use a peg or nail and attach them to the wall. Tie the string at both ends of the nail and let it hang low enough for your prints to hang. Use a laundry clip or scrapbook clip to hold the art prints up. If your prints are small, using one clip per print is enough but if you have bigger ones, use two clips to support both ends of the art print.
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9. Try the wooden magnetic poster hanging frames.

This method is quite similar to the wooden hanger and clothespin style in hanging prints. You can DIY this piece if you want to get all crafty, we found a helpful vlog on how to make this on your own here. If you're a busy person and have no time or creative juice in you, you can buy these pre-made online. The great thing about this is that it uses magnets to secure your art print and keep it from folding. You can also place different prints on each side so you can just flip the frame whenever you feel like it. The wood-style frame makes this the perfect addition to your minimal or modern inspired interior.

Get your magnetic wooden frame on Amazon, check it here.

10. Consider floating frames.

These floating frames automatically elevate your space and give your wall art print the attention it deserves. Its clean and sleek acrylic material will fit perfectly in a plain wall. Opting for a floating frame is perfect for a tight space because thick and bulky frames would sometimes make your small area even smaller. There are tons of DIY tutorials on how to make them on your own but there's a shop online that can customize it in any size or shape you want.
Have your floating frames customized, click here.

11. Mount your art with wooden panels.

Mounting your prints with a wooden panel will give your art piece an all-new visual impact that will fit perfectly on your farm-house inspired interior. You can paint your wood into darker varnish if you want a traditional design style for your wall art gallery. We found an easy, step-by-step tutorial on how to do this at home here. You can buy wood panels in any size, shape, or style but if you can't find the size you want, buy a huge wood panel then cut it to your desired size. Just be creative.
You can get a pre-cut wood panel here.

12. Do the vintage scroll style.

If you want a vintage, mid-century modern art display but on a tight budget, then this is the perfect option for you. Using a scroll is a great way to give more uniqueness and elegance to any art piece. This DIY project is super easy and budget-friendly, you can do it in less than an hour. The scroll style simply adds an oomph factor to your space and a perfect conversation piece to entertain your guests.
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13. Framed on the floor.

Who said framed art prints should only be hung on the wall? This style is perfect for a bohemian-inspired interior and will easily spruce up your space. If you are renting and don't want to touch the walls, this is the perfect option for you. 

14. Use magnets.

Magnets are a great and simple way to hang your lightweight prints and posters. Making use of small magnets like Magnetack or Neodymium disc magnets can give your wall art gallery a clean, minimal look without the bulkiness of any frames or wood. These magnets may be tiny but they have a very strong hold and you can easily swap your prints without fear of damaging them with scotch tapes or glue. You can literally buy them at the nearest hardware or dollar store but you can also get them online.
Buy magnets here.

15. Go industrial, use plywood.

Another renter-friendly style to hang your prints is by using huge plywood as your mood board or gallery wall art print area. This industrial-style interior looks great in your home office or art studio to hang your inspiration and art prints at a low cost. Forget about expensive frames, this unfinished look will add personality and flair to your space. You can easily move everything around in just one go. To achieve this look, simply buy any big-sized plywood at the hardware store, clean the edges with sandpaper and let it rest on the wall. Slowly fill the plywood with your prints and artwork using thumbtacks, scotch tape, or poster putty - and you're done! 
You can also order plywood on Amazon, click here.

16. Consider the acrylic hanging frames.

Modern and sleek, these acrylic hanging frames are the perfect addition to your minimal style interior. The lack of heavy frame draws all attention to the star of the space, your gorgeous art print. Unlike the floating frames, the chain used for hanging them adds more urbanity and edge to your interior style. Again, you can opt to DIY this project or buy a ready-made online. 
Buy a similar acrylic hanging frame here.

17. Velvet pinboard.

Unlike cork boards, velvet pin board have a more formal theme going on - that is why most offices or workplaces use them. Choosing a feminine color for this will add a chic style interior to your room and pair them with equally beautiful art prints to complete your gallery wall. Use color-coordinated pins to keep it uniform. 
You can shop corkboards here.

18. Velcro mounting strips.

Small velcro dots makes it easy for you to mount your prints to any flat surface. This is an ideal way of hanging your wall art if you don't want to add any extra holes to your rented space. It is cheap, easy to use, and mighty strong. You can never go wrong with this one.  
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19. Use napkin clip.

Using bib or napkin clip is quite similar to the wooden magnetic poster or pants hanger style. Connecting two pins using your desired length of string allows you to hang even larger prints compared to others. This style adds a rustic feel to your space but you always have the option to add some color and change the string depending on how you want it to look. A clever and cheap way to hang your prints, why not? 
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20. Simply stick them to your walls.

Still can't decide? Stick them to your walls bare until you make a final decision. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to hang your prints. As long as you keep your art prints safe and pristine, just go for it. You can choose to expose the tapes or hide them underneath with poster putty. You can also arrange them based on their sizes to create a pleasing proportion. 


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